Connecting to your camera through USB

If you’re experiencing issues with your USB connection, here’s what you need to know to resolve the situation:

  1. USB host capability on the tablet or phone.
    While your device most probably has a USB port, it might not have the USB host capability. This is totally dependent on the manufacturer. Check with your device manufacturer to ensure your device supports this. The connection is done through a USB OTG (On The Go) cable.
  2. Good OTG cable. OTG cables aren’t all the same! A small quality glitch in the cable will lead to numerous connection problems, so we definitely recommend getting a good quality cable. Even good cable with excessive use might cause bad connection. We go through a lot of OTG cable in our development work. As soon as the cable becomes used, we experience more and more unstable connections. So if all of a sudden, with no other apparent reason, your connection has become unstable, or you can’t establish a connection, check your cable.
  3. Authorization: This will allow slingShot to establish the connection between the camera and mobile device. Depending on your system setup, you might see one or two authorization requests.

Keep in mind that these authorizations must be given for slingShot Demo and slingShot full version separately. So if you have already authorized Demo, you should also authorize the full version of slingShot to establish the connection.