Connect to Canon 6D/70D over WiFi

Have you been using the Canon’s EOS Remote app before? If so, then most likely this is the reason why you can’t successfully establish a connection using slingshot. Please keep in mind that EOS Remote app and slingShot are two different apps, and require their own specific network profiles on the camera. To resolve this, you need to make a new hotspot profile in the camera for slingShot, separately from what you use with EOS app.

This is necessary because each app has their own unique identifiers, and will write their own settings. So, if the same profile is used for separate apps, the app will attempt to connect but the connection will drop almost immediately.

You can create a new profile from camera’s menu:

1. Settings > WiFi function >

2. Exit the current connection

3. Choose set. > From here, choose a set and do "Review / change settings"

-From here on, follow the on screen prompts for creating a new set for slingShot.

-Connect to the camera with the new set and see what happens. Don't forget to accept the authorizations from slingShot upon the first connection.

This is exactly the same process that you did to setup the EOS. You can look it up on the Canon 6D/70D WiFi Function Instruction Manual for further info.

If this doesn't resolve your problem, please let us know and we’ll be happy to help.