Manage your photos on the go
Why Portfolio
View & organize
Browse your collections in different modes. Organize and search for images by various metadata.
Camera RAW
Read and convert RAW images from most cameras.
Workstation integration
Transfer images to your workstation without losing your ratings, captions, and other metadata.

Side drawer navigation

Switch between the library and the folder modes, select storage, and manage bookmarked folders.

Metadata synchronization

Transfer image metadata using XMP standard compatible with Adobe Lightroom and Capture One desktop image management tools.

Local network support

Send and download images to and from a workstation computer over local network.

Browse images

Preview your collection in different modes. Folder view is excellent to browse through your photos following the system folder structure. Library scans and shows all images on your storage within one list. In Library view you can quickly find images by their caption, rating, or other metadata.

Full screen mode

View RAW and JPEG images in preview and HD modes. View histogram. Caption, rate, and label selected images. Clean view view is also available upon single tap.

RAW images

Decode and preview RAW images. Full RAW decode is available as an option from the settings. Convert RAW images into JPEG format using flexible settings. Share converted images to the desired social media.
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